Antichi Reggimenti Piemontesi e Italiani a Cavallo

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Dragoni di Piemonte

Savoia Cavalleria

Lancieri di Firenze

Genova Cavalleria

Cavalleggeri di Novara

Artiglieria a Cavallo (Le Voloire)

Nizza Cavalleria

Cavalleggeri di Monferrato

Cavalleggeri di Saluzzo

Lancieri di Vittorio Emanuele II

Gruppo Squadroni Coloniali

Reggimenti Internazionali


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Gli Antichi Reggimenti Piemontesi e Italiani a Cavallo
On-line Museum of the Vialardi di Sandigliano Foundation

Welcome to the On-line Museum of the Ancient Cavalry Regiments of Piedmont, a historical cavalcade sponsored by the Vialardi di Sandigliano Foundation. Closed to the Public but open to Internet Visitors, the exhibition offers a remarkable military experience and the opportunity to understand the role that the Units played in the Italian History, a world of heroics, personal sacrifice and ingenuity. Whether in Europe or Asia, members of the Regiments have followed the Flag in the service of their Country. The On-line Museum is the visual representation of the Italian tumultuous journey towards Unity as well as of that profound relationship forged, albeit amid numerous difficulties and conflicts, from all the debated Risorgimento ideals and the Italian military tradition.

War teaches us Peace, which is the current focus of world interest. However, Peace must be defended in its value of freedom, equality, rights and duties, often earned only at the highest price. Many of the great men who have shaped and decided the destinies of our historical world and the fates of people over the centuries made their first appearance on horseback, thus engraving the image of the commander over the millennia to the present day. Projected towards a new future, still remains the historical cavalcade, still and always with the heart reaching beyond the obstacles.

Tomaso Vialardi di Sandigliano, Research Coordinator

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